The Coming of Honoria

Honoria Plum reads The Coming of Bill by P.G. WodehouseWhat Ho! What Ho!

I’m dashing off this quick note to apologise for the lack of Plumtopian delights of late as I’m now preparing the family Plum for our relocation to England. I look forward to exploring Wodehouse country and returning here to share my exploits and reminiscences.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to re-blog interesting Wodehouse articles and pages. Please feel free to send me suggestions, and if you’d like to be a guest blogger  in Plumtopia, I’d love to have you also.

Frothing madly about the gills now.




8 thoughts on “The Coming of Honoria

  1. One is most awfully pipped – pipped to the gills no less – at having stumbled across your very particular cornucopia of delights. One shall do one’s damndest to keep fully abreast of all future developments. Trust that the jaunt across “the pond”, as I am informed some like to call it, proves to be a smooth and hazard free one, and that you avoid all encounters with unfriendly icebergs and the like!!


  2. Shall have to think on that one stop Be warned that this green and pleasant land – this sceptered isle – presently being battered by most incomodious weather front stop In addition to packing sea legs don mackintosh and wellington boots stop


  3. Bally bad luck old gal stop Still as Jeeves might say fore something is fore something else stop Blast it stop What was it Jeeves stop Forewarned is forearmed Sir stop Thats the fella Jeeves stop Forewarned is forearmed stop You sure it was forelegged Jeeves stop Never heard of a fellah with four arms stop Quite Sir stop


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