Meet Mr. Mulliner

A review of Meet Mr Mulliner by ‘The Grand Reviewer’

The Grand Reviewer

Meet Mr. Mulliner, a local fisherman and popular visitor of the pub, the Angler’s Rest, where he shares the almost unbelievable escapades of various members of the Mulliner family tree. From George the stammerer, who overcomes his stammer so he can marry the crossword-loving love of his life, to Augustine the curate, who after drinking some Buck-U-Uppo becomes a fearless aid to a bishop, to James the author, who finds his bachelorhood threatened by the sappy romance of his aunt’s novels, each tale in the collection shows how the Mulliners face adversity in the most ridiculous of situations and overcome it in the most convenient of coincidences.

Meet Mr. Mulliner is authored by P.G. Wodehouse, who most people recognize for his stories about Jeeves and Wooster (Jeeves being the inspiration behind Wodehouse’s writing style truly defines the book. He makes it fun to read the tales of the Mulliners…

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