Accountants in Love

From the Plumtopia archives: As I participate in my first NaNoWriMo this month, I will be reblogging some of my previous Plumtopia pieces, and sharing some excellent Wodehouse articles and resources from around the web. Your contributions are always gratefully received. This was one of the first pieces I wrote for Plumtopia.


Ice in the BedroomHe was a chartered accountant, and all chartered accountants have hearts as big as hotels. You think they’re engrossed in auditing the half-yearly balance sheets of Miggs, Montagu and Murgatroyd, general importers, and all time they’re writing notes to blondes saying “Tomorrow, one-thirty, same place”.

Ice in the Bedroom(1961)

It’s typical of this genial and generous author to sympathise with the misunderstood members of a profession so mocked and maligned. We all want to be loved, after all, and accountants are people too.

Is Wodehouse correct in his claim that all accountants are big hearted? My regretful, but considered answer is no. My limited authority on this topic is acquired through my friendship with Louis. Louis’s attitude toward blondes is certainly warm. He admires women of taste and style, but not the costs associated with keeping them. He  may well ponder blondes in the afternoon, but his assignations with them are…

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