Seasons Greetings

Christmas pudding courtesy of wikipedia
Anyone for Plum Pudding?

What Ho! Ho! Ho!

To everyone who reads Plumtopia, wherever you are in the world, whatever the festive season means to you, I want to wish you and your family all the very best.

It means a great deal to me to know that someone, like you, is listening and interested in what I have to share at this page, so thank you!

2014 will, I hope, be a very productive year. I have an ambitious editorial calendar of writing planned, across three different pages. If you haven’t discovered them all yet, and think they may be of interest, they are:

Plumtopia: The world of P.G. Wodehouse

This was the first Blog I began and one I thoroughly enjoy writing. It is also my most popular, with almost 60 followers and lots of friendly visitors. All thanks to Wodehouse’s enduring popularity. I love to reblog other pieces and share pieces from guest writers as well.

Strong remarks from the bar

This page is essentially an opinion column. My grandmother used to say, rather unflatteringly, that I could argue the point on just about anything. This blog proves her correct. I will write on any topic (and I accept requests) addressed in alphabetical order. As the title suggests, I do hold strong views, and every time I click ‘publish’ I expect to unleash a storm of angry responses. But so far, the storm has not come. This page has a small following (thank you all), but it’s one I enjoy writing.

Honoria’s Notebook

I have referred to this page ‘an aspiring writer’s bottom drawer full of original fiction, journal jottings, cuttings and story inspirations.’ It is also, in part, a journal, a commentary on writing, and observations of humanity on my daily commute. It is where I post my own fiction, when I’m feeling brave. This page has a very small following (thanks again all) and has escaped the chopping block a few times, especially as I’m also trying to finish the novel I began in November. But I still have lots of ideas so Honoria’s Notebook will return in 2014.

I do hope you find something here to enjoy. I’m always keen to hear what you think so please do drop by and leave a comment. If you have written something that you’d like me share on any of these pages, please let me know. You can also reach me by email at

Thanks again for tuning in, for reading, and for your support.

Best wishes to you all!


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