The breadth of Plum

Statue of Euclid at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History by Mark A. Wilson (Source: years ago, in my colourful and varied past, I was engaged in the study of teaching. Though not one of nature’s keenest mathematicians, I did surprisingly well in that subject, attaining a distinction for a particularly fruity essay, which I began with the following quotation.

Nature, stretching Horace Davenport out, had forgotten to stretch him sideways, and one could have pictured Euclid, had they met, nudging a friend and saying: ‘Don’t look now, but this chap coming along illustrates exactly what I was telling you about a straight line having length without breadth.

Uncle Fred in the Springtime

A superb sentence, and yet another reason to feed our growing minds with a regular dose of Plum. He’s educational!



6 thoughts on “The breadth of Plum

  1. Greetings Honoria! I have finally got round to reading my first P. G. Wodehouse novel (“The Inimitable Jeeves”) and I loved it!
    In fact, I’ve mentioned your fine blog in the short write-up I wrote about the book.
    Keep up the good work!


    1. Thanks so much. I feel very honoured. I loved your piece and I have reblogged it to Plumtopia. Look forward to reading some of your others. I do love Jane Austen (another great humourist).


    1. Absolutely. That’s what I love about ‘Plumtopia’. Unless I’m in a flap about something, I find Wodehouse needs little in the way of additional comment or treatment. Just quote and enjoy.


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