Different Shades of Women in Plumsville

The Old Reliable Ashokbhatia has written yet another pippin on the subject of Plum – this time offering a chap’s perspective on the issue of Wodehouse’s female characters. Your thoughts?



The delicately nurtured amongst us occasionally bemoan the way they have been treated by the Master Wordsmith of our times – P GPGW JeevesInTheOffing Wodehouse. Admittedly, his narratives are replete with somewhat jaundiced references to the fairer sex. We could readily jump to the conclusion that his works have been written only for an exclusive boys’ club.

Consider these samples from ‘Jeeves in the Offing’:

Sample 1:

‘It just shows you what women are like. A frightful sex, Bertie. There ought to be a law. I hope to live to see the day when women are no longer allowed.’
‘That would rather put a stopper on keeping the human race going, wouldn’t it?’
‘Well, who wants to keep the human race going?’
‘I see what you mean. Yes, something in that, of course.’

Sample 2:

‘Why? You were crazy about the girl once.’
‘But no longer. The fever has…

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8 thoughts on “Different Shades of Women in Plumsville

  1. It’s such a brilliant article, beautifully written. You clever people! A similar question came up on The Guardian reading club, and although I had a clear idea in my head of what I wanted to say, I couldn’t find the right words. This says everything I would have wanted to say and more! Would you ever fancy writing an article about those magical places where Plumtopians go to restore their weary selves eg. Barribault’s and the Emsworth Arms? If so, I’d love to read it.


    1. I posted a piece on the town Emsworth after visiting last August. Coincidentally, Emsworth is now an easy day trip from where I live now (as of three weeks ago) so I could pop back and ‘research’ all the pubs – purely for the benefit of readers, you understand…


      1. There are a few pubs in the UK that I think come close to the Wodehousian ideal. I shall have to dedicate myself to further study of this topic. Perhaps if you open one, you could call it The Anglers Rest.


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