Jeeves and the Aspiring Novelist

VeryGoodJeevesI’m an aspiring novelist myself. In between posts here, I bash away at the keyboard, developing my own half-baked comedy adventures. I’ve not attempted Wodehouse (yet), but I was delighted and impressed with this piece by ‘SloopJonB’. He captures the tone of Wodehouse very well, and his Jeeves makes some astute observations about modern writing. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Jeeves and the Aspiring Novelist

  1. At least one reader did enjoy it. The only jarring note, to be a perfidious critic, was the “half-inch” eyebrow. One feels that Jeeves would never be that affected. Otherwise jolly good pastiche and a true flavor of Plum.
    PS: long live the Kingston Trio and the Beach Boys in the name of the blog.

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