Some Plumsville kids and the Richter scale of Roguishness (Part 1 of 3)

Our old friend Ashok Bhatia is currently investigating some of the young fiends who inhabit Wodehouse’s world. Happy reading!


P G Wodehouse has etched out the kids in his works with much finesse.  When it comes to ranking these kids on a Richter scale of Roguishness, our task is not too difficult. If Edwin, Thos and Seabury secure the top ranks, kid Blumenfeld, Bonzo and Sebastian Moon occupy the middle order. Kid Clementina, Oswald and Peggy Mainwaring appear to be competing for the lower ranks.

We also get to meet kids who can only earn a negative rank on the Richter scale of Roguishness. Their conduct is as pure as driven snow.

Prudence Baxter does not herself outsmart the real winners at an Egg and Spoon race. It is Jeeves’ desire to help a Bingo in distress which helps her to claim the prize.

Bingo Junior wins a baby contest and is blissfully unaware of the extent to which his accomplishment boosts up the morale of his father. He…

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4 thoughts on “Some Plumsville kids and the Richter scale of Roguishness (Part 1 of 3)

    1. It is always a pleasure. I love your perspectives, which always remind me that Wodehouse is so much fun! My own perspectives on life tend to be jaded, so it’s always good to be reminded.


      1. You judge yourself rather harshly, Honoria. Your posts bring invaluable insights and are a real treat to go through. If the contents of Plumtopia are any indication, your perspectives on life can never be labelled as jaded. Lively and bright would be the mot juste!

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