Birthday Sipsmith & Tonic

WP_20150816_12_20_44_ProWhat Ho! What Ho!

It’s time again for my annual birthday binge and, as luck would have it, I have recently happened upon a marvellous brand of gin to celebrate with. And while I don’t usually go in for endorsements at Plumtopia, (it’s not that sort of blog) I couldn’t resist sharing the label with you. It’s so Plum. It also happens to be a fine dry gin.

Cheers, old horse!


17 thoughts on “Birthday Sipsmith & Tonic

  1. What ho yourself, dear old Honoria. Care to share how many is “old”? Not gallant I know but satisfy this old (66) chap’s curiosity, please. Happy birthday anyway, and by the way, looking closely at that label it seems to me that, in the modern fashion, the makers have left out the punctuation — so as an old (that word again) pedant I would have made it “S.I. Psmith”. Cheers.


    1. What ho, what ho, Noel. Let’s just say it has been some years since I posted an indulgent piece (on my top 5 Wodehouse books) in celebration of my 40th. I have since decided to stop counting.


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