Politicos in Plumsville (Part 1)

Life is stern and earnest, and leisure time for writing blogs can be hard to find. Which is why I am delighted that Mr Ashok Bhatia has embarked on an exploration of P.G. Wodehouse’s politicians — a subject I’ve been meaning to review myself at some point. Now I can cross it off my ‘to do’ list without lifting a finger, except to share it with you. I look forward to the rest of what promises to be another fine series from that excellent gentleman. (Thank you!)


In Plumsville, we get to meet quite a few characters who happen to nurse political ambitions. Some happen to be born crusaders and revolutionaries. Others appear to have gravitated towards politics by chance. Yet others have a career in politics thrust upon them by a ruthless fiancée.

The name of Sir Roderick Spode readily springs to our minds. Comrade Bingo’s revolutionary pals, the Heralds of the Red Dawn, pop up in our consciousness. Our grey cells remind us of the Hon’ble A. B. Filmer, the Cabinet Minister who gets readily intimidated by an angry swan.

The morally dubious Conservative and Unionist candidate Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe is another person whom we cannot afford to ignore. When not busy pinching sow-keepers and the Empress of Blandings, he plans to stand in a by-election in the Bridgeford and Shifley Parliamentary Division of Shropshire.

The candidature of John Bickersdyke, who has the singular misfortune…

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