A musical tribute to P G Wodehouse

When a chap calls himself Mark Psmith, you know he’s going to be sound on Wodehouse. For those of you who’ve not already enjoyed the pleasure, here is his musical tribute to Wodehouse — That’s Why I Love Plum.

Mark Psmith

A previous post told of my writing this song especially for the February 2016 meeting of the P G Wodehouse Society. You can hear the song on Soundcloud, thus:

Or on YouTube, thus:

Or you can buy it from Amazon or Google.

Here are the words, with added hyperlinks:

That’s Why I Love Plum [His first name was Pelham! Fondly mangled to “Plum”] 

Mr Mulliner tells me tales of dazzling derring-do
They banish all of my woes and so, whenever I’m in trouble
I just call on PGW – You might find you’re the same as me
Weighed down by real-life peeves – Well you can lighten your load you see
If you just turn to Jeeves

Some people think that he’s a butler
But we all know he’s a valet
He’s a scalpel, not a mallet – He’s an artist with no palate
Like the master who…

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