Six reasons why P.G. Wodehouse is Stephen Fry’s hero

If I were to construct a Plumtopian society according to my own specifications (which, regrettably, nobody has asked me to do) BBC Radio 4 would be one of the first things I’d bung into the package.

In addition to producing high quality radio, the Radio 4 website is also well worth exploring. It contains, among other things, this little gem:

Six reasons why P.G. Wodehouse is Stephen Fry’s hero

Fry and Wodehouse are always an irresistible combination. For a second helping try the 2017 broadcast (currently available on repeat) of Stephen Fry on PG Wodehouse, as part of the BBC Radio 4 Great Lives series.

That’s enough from me.

Happy listening.


8 thoughts on “Six reasons why P.G. Wodehouse is Stephen Fry’s hero

    1. I loved Richard Briers in Wodehouse — he was Eustace Hignett in The Girl on the Boat, played Bertie Wooster in radio adaptations, and was the PERFECT Gally Threepwood in Heavy Weather. He was also President of the P.G. Wodehouse Society.


  1. “Wodehouse remained dedicated to the craft of writing and after a full day in the city he could return home and write diligently and prolifically, honing his skills. In those early days he could have papered the walls of his humble lodgings with rejection letters – but he never gave up hope of achieving his ambition. Fry describes his sheer determination as “an inspiration for anyone who is a writer.”

    thanks Honoria for sharing this. May God give us, all of us amateur writers, such an indomitable will, soul and spirit.


  2. Thanks for another great post HP and I agree, Fry and Wodehouse are indeed an irresistible combination — like ham and eggs!
    Plum remains an inspiration to us novice writers and truly was the master of his profession.

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  3. If I could have a wish granted, it would be that, if Channel 4 is to produce pieces on writers of technically impeccable English (like PGW), they get theirs correct — ‘waivering”!; “prolifically”!!! And yes, as I’ve said before, Ian Carmichael is my best Bertie. Thanks Mrs Plum, and of course Stephen, with whom I wholeheartedly agree.

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