Pigs Have Wings: PG Wodehouse in Cincinnati (2019 Convention)


The US Wodehouse Society’s biennial convention is the big event for Wodehouse fans in the USA. It also attracts a devoted international crowd and is well worth including on your Wodehouse Bucketlist.

With the next convention in Cincinnati, Ohio just a few months away, it’s time to get excited — and start planning. See the Wodehouse Society’s website for registration and further details. EARLY REGISTRATION ends August 10th. 

I can thoroughly recommend the experience to newcomers. Attending my first convention (Psmith in Pseattle) remains one of the highlights of my life as a Wodehouse fan, and I plan to attend many more conventions in the years ahead. It’s a great chance to meet other fans and Wodehouse experts from around the world, and take home some unique Wodehouse merch.

For convention updates and conversation with other convention-goers, the Pigs Have Wings- PGW in Cincinnati: The Wodehouse Society’s 2019 Convention Facebook group is the place to be — they’ll be able to answer all your convention related questions (and most of your Wodehouse questions as well).

Meeting other Wodehouse lovers in person is always a pleasure (you’ll soon become friends) and Cincinnati looks like a fabulous city.


Happy travels!



11 thoughts on “Pigs Have Wings: PG Wodehouse in Cincinnati (2019 Convention)

  1. Cincinnati, nicknamed “Porkopolis,” is indeed a fabulous city and my adopted home for the past twenty years. How very exciting that we’ll host the convention. I’m off Facebook, unfortunately, and so will have to find details some other way.

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    1. Hi Rich.
      If you go to the Regional Chapters of the Wodehouse Society website, you’ll find a map of regional chapters with a pin stuck in Cincinnati Ohio. Click on the pin and a contact form will pop up — connecting you with Susan Pace, who is organising the convention. Or send me your contact details and I can pass them on to her.


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