Sweetness and light – How seriously should we take Wodehouse?

Times Literary Supplement (TLS) Book Review

“I always strive, when I can, to spread sweetness and light. There have been several complaints about it”.

Service with a Smile (1961)

Of interest to Wodehouse fans, Eliza Easton has written a review — Sweetness and light: How seriously should we take Wodehouse? — of Paul Kent’s ‘Pelham Grenville Wodehouse Volume 1: This is Jolly Old Fame’ and the latest Wodehouse compilation Above Average at Games’ by Richard Kelly — in the Times Literary Supplement.


4 thoughts on “Sweetness and light – How seriously should we take Wodehouse?

  1. Thank you Mrs P. I must take issue with Ms Easton that PGW is not being taken seriously anywhere (except, she implies, by paid-up members of the society). Fact is I have culled from the internet a lengthening collection of pieces by academics in Britain, the US and, surprisingly perhaps, Belgium and Germany interested in “middlebrow” literature (on topics such as “Nodal Humour in Comic Narrative” and “Wodehouse and the baroque”). Let me assure everybody that these are very serious indeed. There is much more in the offing that can be acquired in exchange for shekels that my rapidly diminishing super fund.refuses to shell out. My own view, as you know, is that PGW provides much more than a few good gags. I am delighted that Paul Kent is examining all of the canon from the ground up. Can’t wait for Vol.II.

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  2. Thanks for this, Honoria. Just to let your readers know that Volume 2 is now finished and will be off to the editor next week. All the best and thanks once again for your continued support.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this, Madame P! I made the mistake of reading the review over my Sunday morning coffee and found myself spraying all over the screen every time I came across one of the choice quotations from The Master’s work, even those I had seen many times before. But the biggest, wettest guffaw was at the Clytemnestra one, as it was new to me.

    To Mr. Kent – if volume 2 is anything like volume 1, hot diggity dog! Congratulations and thank you!

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