Joy in the Morning: Jonathan Cecil audiobook review

A review of the Joy in the Morning audiobook read by Jonathan Cecil (one of my favourites) from Fiction Fan:

“Forget the pasta and toilet roll – stockpile these in preparation for your social distancing. What better company could you possibly have?”


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Knotted locks and knitted socks…

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Bertie isn’t keen on visiting Steeple Bumpleigh, home to Aunt Agatha, the most terrifying of his aunts. But Jeeves is keen to do a spot of fishing and Uncle Percy needs Jeeves’ help in finding a way to pull off a big business deal, so Bertie gives in gracefully. After all, Aunt Agatha is off elsewhere on a visit, ex-fiancée Florence Craye can be no threat to his bachelorhood now that she’s engaged to D’Arcy “Stilton” Cheesewright, and while his young cousin Edwin is always a pestilence, how much harm could one Boy Scout possibly do? But when Florence and Stilton fall out over Stilton’s insistence on being the village policeman and Edwin burns down Bertie’s cottage whilst doing his daily act of kindness, things take a sinister turn. Meantime Uncle Percy is refusing to allow his ward Nobby Hopwood…

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6 thoughts on “Joy in the Morning: Jonathan Cecil audiobook review

  1. Can’t say I’ve ever wanted to have anyone read me a story — since I was a toddler anyway. Might be time to go back, given the way the world is going. Honestly, if you were about to lock yourself away for a fortnight, would dunny paper be your first thought? I mean, what would you be planning to consume for 14 days that would require a six-pack of three-ply? Next we’ll have black-hooded people wheeling carts around the streets.inviting us to bring out our dead. What would old Plum have made of it?

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    1. I can’t say I understand the concern about toilet rolls either, but audiobooks are wonderful. I love them at bedtime when my eyes are tired from a day in front of various screens.


    2. What a lovely thought . It would be sublime to have the time to plough thro my “must read” Wodehouse in peace and quiet for a fortnight .


  2. The “toilet roll” reference is likely due to grocery stores running out of it, as people stock up to remain closed in for a period. In any event I just downloaded the audiobook from my public library via the Overdrive app; I have 21 days to listen all the way through


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