Christmas at Blandings

Blandings Castle sparkled in the winter frost.

After a crisp, clear day, the sun was beginning to set and a tranquil calm descended upon the Castle and its inhabitants. Beach the Butler was in his pantry, enjoying a special drop of port, which he had been saving for the occasion. Lord Emsworth was dozing in a favourite armchair with Whiffle’s ‘Care of the Pig‘ across his lap.

Somewhere outside, amongst the evergreen shrubberies – or perhaps the kitchen garden, where bare fruit trees created a romantic silhouette in the fading light – an assignation between lovers was taking place. And in the warmth of her sty, the Empress of Blandings lay in contented majesty after feasting on her Christmas provisions.

Off in the distance, the twinkling lights of Market Blandings had begun to flicker, and a hum of woozled carolling from the Beetle and Wedge drifted upon the winter air.

May the simple pleasures of Blandings be yours this Christmas!

In memory of Murray Hedgcock


31 thoughts on “Christmas at Blandings

    1. A very Happy Christmas to you too, Elin!
      (I can only imagine how busy you must be right now). It’s more a mash-up/adaptation of Wodehouse, transplanting Blandings into winter, rather than direct quotation. I had fun trying it.


  1. Dear Mrs Plum, how wonderful to have you pop up in my inbox, along with all your other followers who have missed you dearly from this forum. Merry Christmas everyone — may you and all your families have a prosperous new year.

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    1. Delighted to see you on the ether again, Noel. It’s been far too long.
      I think my confidence has taken a hit over the last year or so. I now marvel at the audacity of my former self, churning out words and (gasp) opinions. I had fun thinking up this little Christmas message though, and I’ve missed our chats.
      Cheers to you and your excellent wife – best wishes for a safe and happy Christmas!


  2. Dear Honoria, I can’t quite catch how wonderful it was to see this pop up in my emails on this early Christmas Eve morning. A moment to read, savour and perhaps reach for a book and dwell in peace and happiness for a spell. I hope Christmas and 2022 are fabulous for you and yours and wish you well. Philip

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  3. Dear Honoria,

    While I know full well how irritating it is to have one’s faults highlighted, I would dearly love to thank you from the bottom of my heart for lifting my spirits with your email.

    Instead of pondering how awful Christmas is for me you have transported me completely, not only to Blandings which I adore, but also to a mythical place where tranquil clams descend. It is truly a most marvellous place to find myself this morning.

    Please stay safe and well, with seasons greetings, Yours faithfully,

    Mrs. M. Vincent



    1. My dear Mrs V.
      What a delightful message. Thank you in turn for lifting my spirits (the awfulness is too awful to contemplate).
      Sadly, the tranquil clam has gone. I read the thing a dozen times before posting, and missed him every time, but I shall remember him with fondness.
      Hearty best wishes to you!


  4. Merry Christmas from a U.S. Wodehouse reader spending Christmas in the U.K. I began enjoying Wodehouse when I was 15 (many, many, many decades ago). I always seem to come back to his work no matter where my other reading tastes take me. I brought “Eggs, Beans, and Crumpets” with me to reread on this trip to the U.K.
    Be well.

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