Welcome to Plumtopia

What Ho!

Have you ever buzzed off in search of a Utopian existence? Well I have, and it’s dashed difficult to find. The closest I’ve managed is curling up with a book by P.G. Wodehouse and letting the world go by. Plumtopia aims to share this joy with others.

If you are new to Wodehouse, you’ll find plenty of reading lists and tips. Get started with the P.G. Wodehouse Reading Guide.

If you’re new to Plumtopia, here are few favourite pieces:

I hope Plumtopia may become a haven for you also. I love to share guest posts and Wodehouse posts by other bloggers, and your contributions are very welcome.

Please make yourself at home and don’t hesitate to ring the bell if there’s anything you need.


16 thoughts on “Welcome to Plumtopia

  1. Interesting site; I shall return often and anon. Suggest you add ‘Tales of Wrykyn’ to the School Stories.
    Can you clarify the difference between the ‘Mike’ and ‘Mike and Psmith’ books in the list?


    1. My dear old presbyteer, welcome to the fold. Mrs Plum is a most amiable person and just about the only thing better than settling down in her electronic armchair for a bit of comfort in these pestilential days is slumping in a real armchair with real Plum. I liked your Jeeves and Wooster parody. Toodle-pip for now.


  2. I say chaps, what are the definitions of egg, bean and crumpet? I’d like to know so that I can see where I slot in.


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