Pondering Tinker Tailor

Preview I’m counting down the days until the Australian release of the film adaptation of John Le Carre’s  Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, one of my favourite novels. ‘Tinker Tailor‘ (for the uninitiated) is a spy novel that follows the tracking down and unmasking of ‘Gerald the mole’, a double agent in the British secret service. Le Carre is a master of characterisation and Tinker Tailor is filled with captivating people and their stories: George Smiley, Jim Prideaux, Peter Guillam, Ricki Tarr, Connie Sachs, Bill Hayden, Toby Esterhase, and Jerry Westerby – to name a few. Le Carre has the knack … Continue reading Pondering Tinker Tailor

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